The Beautiful Way to Track Your Time

Track your time quickly and easily

Everything you need for time tracking...


Track with ease

Start tracking an activity with a single tap! Simply opening the app and tap on the appropriate activity type icon. When you wish to stop or pause the activity, tap on the stop or pause icon.


Daily log

Review your activities day by day and see how your productivity improves.



Create goals and reach them. When a goal is reached, you will be notified by the app. This is great way to improve your productivity.

Pie chart

Visualize data

Statistics are available in form of bar or pie chart. Everybody likes charts!

Pie chart


Create reports for selected date range/activity types and export them to CSV or HTML format.

Pie chart

Themes and icons

Prefer a different user interface? Select your own theme! Assign icons to activity types from the large collection of icons.

... and even more. Try aTimeLogger now!

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